High-throughput polymorph screening

Solid Form Solutions provide polymorph screening services that focus on delivering the most developable solid form, coupled with a thorough understanding of the polymorphic space surrounding an API. Furthermore, our extensive polymorph screening program and thorough examination of data, ensures better protection of our customer’s intellectual property (IP).

Our unique approach to polymorphism allows us to carry out a very large number of experiments on a very small amount of drug material.

Our study read out time can be very short (2 weeks) without any comprise on data quality, or process space investigated.

Our dedicated and experienced solid form scientists consistently deliver on service and ensure our clients are updated on a regular basis, whilst always being on hand to provide on-the-spot updates and general information on polymorphism.

In addition to our screening services, the Solid Form Solutions’ team welcomes the opportunity to work with clients on their specific polymorphism issues, and construct work plans that deliver effective solutions.

Whether a drug development program is on the critical path or not, Solid Form Solutions will always provide rapid study read out.

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