Our company’s most valuable asset

Composed of over 40 employees, we are organized into three groups which each provide a unique skill set allowing SFS to deliver solutions that are timely and cost-effective:

  • Solid Form Screening
  • Scale-up Crystallisation and Particle Engineering
  • GMP Analytical and Physical Properties Testing

Dr. Stephen Watt is President, Solid Form Solutions. Having gained a Ph.D. in materials science from Heriot-Watt University, Stephen moved on to a post-doctoral position under Professor William Jones at the prestigious Pfizer Institute for Pharmaceutical Materials Science, Cambridge University where he published a number of papers. Dr. Watt then moved into a CRO in Cambridge before moving to the Solid Form Sciences Group at GSK. Prior to heading up SFS, Stephen also held leading roles within other CROs.

In addition to Dr. Stephen Watt, Dr. David Pearson is the Technical Director at Solid Form Solutions. David gained his B.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield working under Prof. Jim Anderson on natural product total synthesis. David has a strong background in understanding the structures of molecules. After Sheffield University, David moved to Imperial College in London as a postdoctoral research associate under Prof. A. G. M. Barrett working on combinatorial chemistry and drug-like molecules. Following this, David worked in medicinal chemistry at Cambridge Discovery Chemistry (later acquired by Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and then Takeda) and Inpharmatica. Subsequent to his medicinal chemistry experiences, David moved into the world of solid form research and has worked solely in the field of contract research ever since. This focus on molecules in the solid state, coupled with an understanding and experience of synthetic chemistry, DMPK, and process chemistry is full leveraged into the work performed at Solid Form Solutions.

The Solid Form Solutions Quality Assurance department is led by Helen Addison. Helen has over 15 years experience in QC and QA roles and has been involved in the delivery of quality systems and controls within large scale chemical manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, clinical laboratories, and most recently, biological, cell culture and vaccine production. In addition to her extensive knowledge of cGMP, GLP, ISO, FDA & ICH regulations, Helen is experienced in working with a global client base and many regulatory bodies. Having such a highly qualified QA lead at Solid Form Solutions ensures that quality is at the forefront of SFS’s current and future operations.