Our solid state contract research company

Company Overview

Solid Form Solutions Ltd was founded early 2008 by three family members with the aim of providing Solid State Contract Research Services to the pharmaceutical industry. The early continued success of the company allowed for rapid growth in a very short period of time, which also positioned Solid Form Solutions as a world leader in Solid–State Services.

After establishing a high quality solid-state screening service, Solid Form Solutions Ltd soon expanded into the process development arena, which has seen the company provide the backbone to several successful manufacturing campaigns. The Solid Form Solutions team also recognised early the importance of providing quality assurance and regulatory

guidance as part of their service, which has proved extremely valuable to their clients. In the future, Solid Form Solutions aim to build on their early success by launching more innovative and high value services that will allow companies to develop APIs more efficiently and cost effectively.

Solid Form Solutions Ltd is a world leading contract research organization (CRO) providing the pharmaceutical industry with chemical development services. Our work programs also include:

  • Salt Screening.
  • Co-crystal Screening.
  • Crystallisation Screening.
  • Polymorph Screening.
  • Scale-up Crystallisation.
  • Physical Properties and Developability Testing.
  • Particle Engineering.
  • GMP Analytical Release Testing.

Our services can either be used separately to solve specific problems, or in parallel to deliver a larger drug development program that will seamlessly bring the most developable solid form of a drug molecule, to most efficient scale-up process.

Our aim is to be flexible, understand our client’s requirements and deliver workable solutions. If our expertise is required to tackle specific problems encountered during drug manufacture, Solid Form Solutions will provide an unrivalled service.

The SFS Team