As a leader in solid state science and crystallisation development, Solid Form Solutions has been a trusted partner to the pharmaceutical industry since 2008. Built on scientific expertise, deep knowledge of the drug development pathway, and a collaborative approach, Solid Form Solutions provides its clients the most efficient path to success, saving time and cost while reducing risk. Now an Avista Pharma company, Solid Form Solutions also offers its clients seamless access to a full suite of development services ranging from analytical development to API and drug product manufacturing. 

Our solid state and analytical services can be used on a stand-alone basis or as part of a comprehensive drug development program. We aim to be flexible and deliver timely, practical, and cost-effective solutions. Our programs include:

  • Salt Screening
  • Co-crystal Screening
  • Crystallisation Screening
  • Polymorph Screening
  • Scale-up Crystallisation
  • Physical Properties and Developability Testing
  • Particle Engineering
  • GMP Analytical Release Testing

For more information on Avista Pharma’s full-service development offerings, follow the links below:

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