Company Overview

Solid Form Solutions Ltd was founded early 2008 by three family members with the aim of providing Solid State Contract Research Services to the pharmaceutical industry. The early continued success of the company allowed for rapid growth in a very short period of time, which also positioned Solid Form Solutions as a world leader in Solid–State Services.

Our years of experience in the development of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), has allowed our clients to progress efficiently through development, whilst reducing their risk and cost. From our early phase screening programs to our larger scale crystallisation capabilities, Solid Form Solutions bring a unique, and

unmatched, set of skills to solid form development. Our detailed knowledge of the development pathway, along with our friendly manner, allows the Solid Form Solutions team to work synergistically alongside our clients as one powerful unit.

Our Services

SFS Analytical Services

We offer a cGMP physical property and developability assessment on batches of API.

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Salt Selection Services

SFS aims to deliver a salt screening and selection program that is tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

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Our approach to co-crystals is based on over ten years experience in the co-crystal sector, coupled with detailed in-house research.

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Crystallisation Screening

We offers an extensive crystallisation service focusing on obtaining a crystalline and easily isolated form of the drug.

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Polymorph Screening

Our extensive polymorph screening program and thorough examination of data, ensures better protection of our customer’s intellectual property.

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Peptide Crystallisation

We are pioneers in the field of peptide crystallisation and have led many successful campaigns to produce these materials for Phase II and Phase III campaigns.

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Scale-up Crystallisation and Particle Engineering

Using our detailed knowledge of crystallisation and isolation, our scale-up campaigns deliver the most efficient and robust processes, whilst our unmatched understanding of particle science has allowed SFS to alter and optimise particle morphology for further processing.

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Quality Control

Having volunteered to be MHRA inspected, we recognise the importance of performing work to the highest possible quality standards, and have a dedicated team to ensure these standards are met.

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October 24-26, 2017

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